Here you can track down your own jammer


It ought to be said again that you shouldn’t buy or utilize a GPS jammer. Simply don’t make it happen. In the event that you really want to fabricate one, however, they’re quite simple to configuration as [phasenoise]’s teardown illustrates.

All of you likely realize that jammers are generally utilized for regular citizen purposes. Do you have at least some idea what these tactical sign jammers are for? During the Iraq Battle in 2003, the US depended on space to help accuracy strikes on the ground. Iraq utilized signal jammers to slow down American satellites. Iraq utilized a GPS sticking framework said to be bought from Russia to obstruct GPS-directed rockets sent off by the US, making a few goes after An accuracy directed rocket at a significant Iraqi military objective went off base.

GPS jammers

The “executioner mace” utilized the most by the U.S. military in the Iraq War is accuracy directed weapons, and accuracy directed weapons are indivisible from the observation and situating elements of satellites. Practically all U.S. air strikes use accuracy directed weapons helped by GPS (Worldwide Situating Framework), empowering the U.S. military to go after Iraq around evening time and under dust storm atmospheric conditions. The U.S. what’s more, English united powers send off a large number of accuracy directed rockets consistently, and a considerable lot of them are focused on Saddam’s concealing spot, yet they never hurt Saddam. The impact of the assault was questioned.
Certain individuals blamed Russian organizations for offering PDA signal sticking gadget to Iraq. Shrubbery explicitly referenced satellite sign sticking innovation. Iraq utilized this weapon to impede US military satellites, influencing the accuracy strikes of the US military. US President Bramble blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for offering weapons to Iraq through Russian organizations, blamed Iraq for declining to utilize the weapons to go after alliance powers, and blamed Shrubbery for sticking satellite signs. Unique notice. White House representative Ali Freischer expressed reports in Washington that a Russian organization was providing Iraq with GPS jammers.

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