Reza 18K white gold Bunch Ring with a 11.62-carat blue re-molded sapphire

As a young man and young fellow, Olivier emulated his father’s example. He worked in his dad’s shop, watching, learning and in the end assuming control over the brand with his own reasonableness — as a diamond setter of smoothed out, misleading basic plans and as a purveyor of the best gemstones and how they balance one another.

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For the overwhelming majority of his own manifestations, Olivier ventured into his dad’s renowned file of gemstones. He reconsidered and once again slice them to improve their most desirable characteristics the brilliance, character, shape, excellence and brightness of each stone. In restoring these pearls, he has likewise made an assortment that he portrays as “dressing the body agreeably.”

Reza 18K yellow gold Three panel painting Ring with a revitalized 14.27-carat yellow jewel place and 2.42 … [+] TWC of white precious stones

Most as of late, he moved from Paris’ Place Vendôme to New York City as a component of a revitalization of the house, which incorporates another assortment and computerized leader (www.worldofreza.com). All brand tasks and gems creation are settled in the new Madison Road atelier.

Reza 18K white gold Ayli Ring with a 4.35-carat ruby and 5.32 TCW of precious stones.

In portraying his way to deal with plan, Olivier makes sense of, “The stone is fundamental, as well as the imagination of the plan, and how it fits on the human body with models planned with computer aided design and 3D printing. An attracting is perfect to have yet it is only one stage. It is the initial step of getting a gemstone going. The accompanying step is to consider the attracting three-correspondingly to catch the stone’s magnificence and make development and smoothness on the body.”

Reza 18K white gold Gatsby Neckband with a 43.85-carat re-cut blue sapphire and 36.86 TCW of … [+] precious stones

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Olivier additionally addresses his generational history, “The pieces should be certifiable and true and uncover the way of life of how my dad esteemed lovely material — this keeps on ruling any piece we make.”

Reza 18K white gold Colla Hoops with 18.16 TCW of emerald, 2.12 carats of pink sapphire as the … [+] focus stones, and 5.80 TCW of jewels

Olivier depicts his style as theoretical — which appears to have a characteristic straightforwardness, however it is nonsensical. As Olivier makes sense of, “these plans are much seriously testing and expound to make.”

He proceeds, “I want to shock and unlawful feelings with outlines and structures that the gems devotee or gatherer has never seen before by choosing and yet again forming the most tempting stone, which brings about a plan that fits easily on the body and makes the association between the gem and the wearer .”

Reza Platinum Three panel painting Studs with 27.87 TCW of blue sapphire and 6.92 TCW of jewels

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